Friday, May 8, 2009

I Won!!

I won!! I won!! OH yeah, I won!! I am the new Vice President of my school! Yes!!! I would like to thank my fans for their loyal support!! j/k!

I was in rm 2 and there goes secratary there goes treasurer then.....vice president and guess what? I won! It's awesome!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Hello? Anybody there?

Hola! Sorry we haven't written for a while got a little bored.If you didn't know I Super Duper Kaitlyn Hooper am running for VICE PRESIDENT! Everyone who is at my school 3rd grade and up get to vote. I hope I win! So is anyone there?

If you are reading this you have to know I am a little scared to be the vice president if I win.This girl ran into me when I put my poster up. When we went to the PE room she stapled it for me because it was to high. So she gets my vote for Treasurer. Thank you for reading.
- Kaitlyn

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Who I am going to tag

I am going to tag 7 people.These people are,
  • Leslie
  • Richard
  • Layna
  • Landon
  • Jon
  • My Mom
  • and Karla

That is who I am tagging.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I got tagged by my mom . I need to say 7 things that are about me.

  • I LOVE to play with friends.
  • I like going to the park.
  • My favorite food is pizza.
  • I like birthday parties.
  • I LOVE to play on my DS.
  • I like to play on my family`s WII.
  • Last but not least I absolutely love to play on the computer and watch T.V.
Here is some things I don`t like, because I have been tagged by Layna.
  1. I hate tamatoes.
  2. I do not like to go to school.
  3. I don`t like to get on the (stinky) bus.
  4. I hate to lose on games.
  5. I hate to do chores.
  6. I don`t like to write that much.
  7. I hate to be anything insted of what I want to be on Halloween.

That is 7 things I hate and I like.


Wednesday, October 1, 2008

It`s Almost HALLOWEEN!

I am righting about HALLOWEEN because it is coming on the 31! HALLOWEEN is so fun and exciting I love it. My favorite part about HALLOWEEN is the candy and the dressing-up. What is your favorite part about HALLOWEEN?
Why don't we take a vote? What is your favorite part of HALLOWEEN? You can vote:" The candy" , " The dressing-up" , " The knocking on door to door" , or other. Please leave a coment to vote. I think I would vote too. ( or my Mom will) Thanks for reading my new post . CYA!!!!!!

Friday, September 19, 2008


( you should read "Coloring Pages For School" before reading this post) I am so happy that my teacher only asked for the 1 packet "The First Ten: The Bill of rights". I feel so lucky too! I am on the 3,4, or the 5 page in the coloring packet "Constitution Day". There are 2 pages for questions I finished those and I have about 8,7, or 6 pages left.
- Kaitlyn

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Cloroing pages for school

On Monday the 15 of September 2008 my teacher Ms. C. gave my class a coloring book with 11 pages in it. She also gave us one on Wednesday the 17 and they are both due on FRIDAY the 19. I finished coloring the first one but not the second. I finished the questions and the cover of the . "Constitution Day packet". The other packet that came on Mon day was called " The First Ten: The Bill Of Rights.'' I can`t believe my teacher gives my class such hard work!