Wednesday, October 1, 2008

It`s Almost HALLOWEEN!

I am righting about HALLOWEEN because it is coming on the 31! HALLOWEEN is so fun and exciting I love it. My favorite part about HALLOWEEN is the candy and the dressing-up. What is your favorite part about HALLOWEEN?
Why don't we take a vote? What is your favorite part of HALLOWEEN? You can vote:" The candy" , " The dressing-up" , " The knocking on door to door" , or other. Please leave a coment to vote. I think I would vote too. ( or my Mom will) Thanks for reading my new post . CYA!!!!!!


Richard said...

Hi Kaitlyn -this is Jolie. was wondering if you can come and Trick Or Treat with me on HALLOWEEN? I really like your blog. What are you going to be for HALLOWEEN? I want to play with you tomorrow.

Chelley said...

You are now tagged! Come to my blog to find out all about it!

Leslie said...

My favorite part of Halloween is eating Scones and Chili...But I do love to dress up, although I am too old anymore!! Actually I might dress up like a clown this year!!

Anonymous said...

i tagged you come see..but you will have to send my mom your email you used for this, so I can you can see it